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Eric Weisstein's MathWorld
Forum Geometricorum
Clark Kimberling's ETC
Paul Yiu - Introduction to the Geometry of the Triangle, 2001 (new edition 2013)
Pierre Douillet - Translation of the Kimberling's Glossary into barycentrics
Bernard Gibert's Cubics in the Triangle Plane
Quim Castellsaguer's The Triangles Web
Advanced Plane Geometry - Yahoo! Group
Euclid's Elements
Rene Grothmann's C.a.R.
Rene Grothmann's Euler Math Toolbox
Association "European Kangaroo"

Personal Sites:
Clark Kimberling
Paul Yiu
Pierre Douillet
Darij Grinberg
Francisco Javier García Capitán
Rene Grothmann
David E. Joyce
Akio Hizume
Hiroshi Okumura
Deko Dekov

Other Links:
Indexes of Biographies

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Mathematics and Informatics
Didactical Modeling (in Bulgarian)
The Mathematical Gazette
MathProblems Journal
Crux Mathematicorum
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