International Journal of Computer Discovered Mathematics
Published by the VUZF University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship, Sofia, Bulgaria
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About this Journal

Welcome to the International Journal of Computer Discovered Mathematics!

The International Journal of Computer Discovered Mathematics (IJCDM) is the world first journal devoted to mathematics discovered by computers.
The journal is founded in 2006 by Dr.Dekov
Old Name: International Journal of Computer Generated Mathematics

Its main aims are the following:
  • To publish mathematical facts discovered by computers.
  • To publish facts from other areas discovered by computers.
  • To help high school and university students to make research in the area of computer discovered mathematics. To publish corresponding results.
  • To help research teams to develop new computer programs to discover new theorems in mathematics.
The Journal will promote competitions for research projects (scholarly essays), in order to stimulate the interest in the area. Also competitions will be organized by the Journal for the creation of a scientific program, which will be able to discover new facts in mathematics and other areas, namely medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, physics.
The journal will publish articles mainly in the following areas:
  • Mathematics, discovered by computers;
  • Elementary Euclidean Geometry;
  • Computers in Education;
  • Dynamic Geometry Software;
  • Computer Algebra Software;
  • Pedagogy of Mathematics.
The Journal is quarterly (March, May, September, November). The issue 1 will appear in 2016.

We welcome new articles!